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Royal Stewart


The inspiration for composing our uniform comes from the Scottish Regiment The Royal Scots, the oldest regiment of the British Army.

The pipers wear their kilt in the Royal Stewart Tartan, regimental weight, the heaviest weight class. The kilt is creased in a military style (on the line). With regular kilts the creased are pressed in a way that the tartan is visible across the creases.

Our drummers do not wear kilts, but trews. The word trews comes from trousers. Just like kilts, trews can have various tartans. In Scotland, trews and kilts are worn next to each other. Trews have become the symbol for the Lowlands, the Kilts for the Highlands. Our drummers wear their trews in the Hunting Stewart Tartan.

Thanks to a donation of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds we were able to purchase brand new Pearl Drums.

The new set consists of 1 bass, 4 tenor and 6 snare drums.

The current Vancore drums (1 bass, 2 tenor and 3 snare) will be sold in short-term. If you're interested, please contact us.

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